Source code for mcap.well_known

"""Enums listing the sets of well-known profiles, schema encodings and message encodings
available in the
`MCAP Specification <>`_.

.. note:: You don't need to use these profiles or encodings to use MCAP! Custom profiles and
    encoding strings are allowed.

[docs]class Profile: """Well-known MCAP profiles.""" ROS1 = "ros1" ROS2 = "ros2"
[docs]class SchemaEncoding: """Well-known encodings for schema records.""" SelfDescribing = "" # used for self-describing content, such as arbitrary JSON. Protobuf = "protobuf" Flatbuffer = "flatbuffer" ROS1 = "ros1msg" ROS2 = "ros2msg" ROS2IDL = "ros2idl" JSONSchema = "jsonschema"
[docs]class MessageEncoding: """Well-known message encodings for message records""" ROS1 = "ros1" CDR = "cdr" Protobuf = "protobuf" Flatbuffer = "flatbuffer" CBOR = "cbor" JSON = "json"