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Read and write MCAP

If you're starting from scratch, you can write code that allows writes your FlatBuffers data to MCAP files and subsequently reads your FlatBuffers data from your MCAP files.

See also the official FlatBuffers docs to learn more about reading and writing FlatBuffers.


Visualize MCAP

To play back MCAP files containing FlatBuffers-encoded data in Foxglove, be sure the MCAP Channel's message_encoding field is set to flatbuffer. Note that in order for Foxglove to read FlatBuffer data from channels in MCAP files, the MCAP Schema record should contain the binary flatbuffer schema (.bfbs) content in its data field. They can be compiled using flatc -b --schema [...args], using the .fbs files as input. For more info, see the MCAP specification for FlatBuffers encoding.