class ICompressedReader


class ICompressedReader : public IReadable { /* full declaration omitted */ };


An abstract interface for compressed readers.

Declared at: mcap/include/mcap/reader.hpp:109

Inherits from: IReadable

Method Overview

  • public virtual void reset(const std::byte * data, uint64_t size, uint64_t uncompressedSize)
  • public virtual mcap::Status status() const
  • public virtual ~ICompressedReader()

Inherited from IReadable:


virtual void reset(const std::byte* data,
                   uint64_t size,
                   uint64_t uncompressedSize)


Reset the reader state, clearing any internal buffers and state, and initialize with new compressed data.

Declared at: mcap/include/mcap/reader.hpp:122


const std::byte* data
Compressed data to read from.
uint64_t size
Size of the compressed data in bytes.
uint64_t uncompressedSize
Size of the data in bytes after decompression. A buffer of this size will be allocated for the uncompressed data.

virtual mcap::Status status() const


Report the current status of decompression. A StatusCode other than `StatusCode::Success` after `reset()` is called indicates the decompression was not successful and the reader is in an invalid state.

Declared at: mcap/include/mcap/reader.hpp:128

virtual ~ICompressedReader()

Declared at: mcap/include/mcap/reader.hpp:111