Module mcap::read

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Read MCAP files

MCAPs are read from a byte slice instead of a Read trait object. This helps us avoid unnecessary copies, since Schemas and Messages can refer directly to their data.

Consider memory-mapping the file - the OS will load (and cache!) it on-demand, without any further system calls.


Like LinearReader, but unpacks chunks’ records into its stream
Streams records out of a Chunk, decompressing as needed.
Scans a mapped MCAP file from start to end, returning each record.
Like RawMessageStream, but constructs a Message (complete with its Channel) from the raw header and data.
Reads all messages from the MCAP file—in the order they were written—and perform needed validation (CRCs, etc.) as we go.
Indexes of an MCAP file parsed from its (optional) summary section


Nonstandard reading options, e.g., to be more lenient when trying to recover incomplete/damaged files.


Read the attachment with the given index.
Read the MCAP footer.
Read the metadata with the given index.